For those who are called to serve the kingdom as lay-leaders, THE BRIDGE is committed to helping each willing-heart fulfill their ministry and thereby “feed God’s sheep.”

This is an extremely dynamic, and arguably the most important area of leadership development within the Church. Why? Because most active ministry and ministry leaders come through this category of servants. Consequently, THE BRIDGE is currently developing a combination of intentional leadership-developing LIFE Groups, coupled with ministry specific training environments.

To be blunt, “expertise” without spiritual maturity is dangerous; and spiritual maturity without proper preparation is irresponsible. In the end, we thank God for His grace and always remember, a honest and humble reading of Scripture reveals that God seldom “calls the equipped,” but rather, “equips the called.” With that said, if you are “called,” we’ll do our best to help you become “equipped” – Amen!


Come find your fit in God’s family of faith.